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New Referee Training Info and 2020 Recertification Info:
The final summer Entry level clinics scheduled-August 24 is in St. Joseph.  Go to mrdp.gameofficials.net to create an account and sign up to become a referee-send email to Art at Referee@sportingls.org if you have questions.We will host a referee clinic this winter at Paradise Park, typically in February. There also will be several in other communities.
All clinics are required, scheduled and instructed by the MYSA for US Soccer.  Go to mrdp.gameofficials.net to sign up, either “hybrid grassroots entry referee course” for new referee or “2020 grassroots recertification” for those returning referees. The recertification dates will be posted here when they are scheuled-I will host one in mid December and late February. There will be several more in other communities.

The below Legacy Division Specific Rules are in process of being updated to 2019/2020.

2018-2019 Division Specific Rules_Recreational

US SOCCER 2019/2020 CHANGES TO THE LAWS OF THE GAME and the application for Legacy rec games.  They all will be applies except the first one listed regarding substitutions.

This document summarizes the main changes and clarifications. The agreed
wording and explanations will be available on The IFAB’s website
(www.theifab.com). You may also go to mrdp.gameofficials.net under referee courses and go through the 2020 law changed from FIFA for no charge to view the entire summary.

-A player being substituted leaving the field of play at the nearest point on the boundary line. This rule will not be applied at Legacy Rec games-all players should still be encouraged to sub at midfield by benches.

-Yellow and red cards for misconduct by team officials-This has not changed for Legacy Rec games; however, parents are not to be carded-the coach is responsible for the parents. You may caution the coach for parental issues and let them deal with their parents.  I would like you also to get on walkie talkie and call for field marshal at that time.

-At a goal kick and a free kick for the defending team in their own penalty area.  a defending team in the penalty area the ball is in play once it is
kicked, and does not have to leave the penalty area, Opponents must remain outside the penalty area and at least 10 Yds away until
the ball is in play. This occurs when the ball is KICKED AND CLEARLY MOVES. (See Law 16).

-Clearer wording for ‘handball’

-Attacking team players must be at least 1 Yd away from a defensive ‘wall’

-The goalkeeper only has to have part of one foot on the goal line at a penalty kick

-Dropped ball when the ball strikes the referee as stated below:

If the ball touches the referee (or another match official) and goes into the goal, team possession changes or a promising attack starts, a dropped ball is awarded to the team last in possession. (If play is stopped outside the penalty area, the ball will be dropped for one player of the team that last touched the ball at the point of the last touch; all other players (of both teams) must be 4.5 yds away, If play is stopped inside the penalty area, the ball will be dropped for the goalkeeper).

-All verbal offenses are penalized with an indirect free kick

-No IDFK signal needed once the kick has been taken and it is clear that a goal will not result directly from the kick

-Kicking an object at the ball, an opponent or match official is a direct