3v3 Tournament Rules

2018-2019 Division Specific Rules_Recreational

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New Referee Training Info and 2019 Recertification Info:

All clinics are required, scheduled and instructed by the state.  Go to mrdp.gameofficials,net to sign up, either “hybrid grassroots entry referee course” for new referee or “2020 grassroots recertification” for those returning referees

New Referee

Must attend both sessions and complete online review of rules prior to attending

July 20 10:00am till 4:00pm- Raymore  Field training 4pm to 8pm

July 27 10:00am till 4:00pm-Lee’s Summit @ Paradise Park; Field training @ Legacy soccer fields July 27  4:00pm till 8:00pm 

To referee at Legacy; we also would strongly encourage you to attend Orientation at Legacy field on Sunday, August 18, 4pm to 530pm at the Main Concession Stand.  We will go through protocols and expectations of a new referee so you are scheduled and to help ensure first week is more comfortable.

We will also have a preseason meeting the week of August 12,  6pm-8pm to go through season points of emphasis, rule changes that are applicable to our league and share our vision.  Attendence is an expectation before each season and the ones that attend tend to be more successful and do not drop out after the first year. day will be determined shortly-please check back.

2020 Recertification

To continue to referee you need a 2020 badge-go to mrdp.org and sign up for one of the clinics below:

Saturday August 3 – Raymore @

Wednesday August 7- Lee’s Summit @ Paradise Park 6pm-9

You may referee this fall without attending one of these sessions as there will be more this winter; however, I strongly recommend you attending one of these if you plan to continue refereeing in the future.  Everyone gets busy and we lose referees every year because they have conflicts with the others sessions or they simply procrastinate signing up. We also have many rule changes that went into effect June 1, that will be openly clarified during this recertification.