IMPORTANT New referee orientaion meeting-Sunday, August 18.  Legacy fields, main concession stand, 3:30 to 5.

Last summer Entry level clinics scheduled-August 24 is in St. Joseph.  Go to to create an account and sign up to become a referee-send email to Art at if you have questions.We will host a referee clinic this winter at Paradise Park, typically in February. There also will be several in other communities.

Fall 2019 Calendar:

August 24 FIRST GAME

September 1- no games scheduled, holiday weekend

September 7-Second game

September 14-third game

September 21-fourth game

September 22-MAKE UP for any weather cancellations (first 3 weeks). games begin at 11am until dark and we need lots of referees!

September 27,28,29 Fall Competitive tournament in association with Challenger Sports. U9 and above games only.  Art assigns and is paid through Sporting Lees Summit.

October 5-fifth game

October 12-sixth game

October 19-last game

October 20-Make up for cancellations games 4 thru 6.

October 26,27-Recreational Tournament games begin at 8am to dark both days.  3v3 Saturday only.

November2,3-Make up for weather cancellation of rec tournament

Fall Pre-Season Meeting Notes: “Change”

78 referees attended-the notes do not include all the discussion or explanations, but rather a recap for those that could not attend.

Points of emphasis:

  1. New laws of soccer and implementation-go to to review.  A brief summary will be posted on the training tab.
  2. Legacy referee meetings do not take the place of yearly recertification required by the federation.  MYSA conducts those.  There will be several this fall to get your 2020 badge and be able to referee next spring.  I will post on the training tab when they are scheduled.  I will host two, one in mid December and one in late February.
  3. calendar-dates of games on referee information tab-Please note Make up SUNDAYS for weather cancelled games and tournament weekends. typically very short on referees these dates.
  4. reminder of substitution rules and rule regarding use of head-grade/age and intentional vs unintentional.
  5. reminder of game card follow up-posted on referee information page on powerpoint orientation slides.
  6. reminder of payroll tab-has dates you will be paid, pay rates, and payroll forms.
  7. reminder of putting in availability timely and confirming games to Art on Thursday!
  8. reminder, if running late please text-should be checking in for games 30 minutes prior to first game assignment. Person checking in will be at top of schedule-please text that person (either Lucy Lotspeich or Art Shinabargar-phone numbers should both be in your contacts)
  9. NO WARMING UP IN GOAL AREAS-you are the first line of defense, please tell coach and/or players if you see and document warning on back of their game card. Have them see ART if they have any questions.
  10. Small sided game review-NO PUNTING OR DROP KICKING, ball must be thrown or passed by the goalkeeper.  Players may now cross the line when the ball is kicked and moves. Review on training tab (not yet updated)
  11. on 3v3 and first grade-halves end at same time (even if they do not begin at same time-lead officials whistle determines. After final whistle, referees stand side by side to allow teams to acknowledge them.
  12. Important to begin games on time-not early and definitely not late.  If running behind, shorten halftime.

Finally; our vision is to have referees become competent where they can referee in college to earn their extra money, instead of working at a job that is not as flexible to their study needs.

To do this we need everyone to hustle, know the rules and apply them, and most important HAVE FUN!  Please make it fun for the players also and keep them safe!

Any questions-Contact Art.

Uniform requirements and uniform option (use link below to order)

  1. Must have new style of referee shirts
  2. Black shorts
  3. Black referee socks
  4. Fox 40 Whistle (or other loud whistle)
  5. Flags
  6. Plenty of water
  7. Tuck your shirt in!
  8. Dress for the weather at Legacy
  9. Red and Yellow Card
  10. Pens (to keep score) and Paper
  11. Watch

KC Ref the uniforms are the USSF approved styles and colors and are much less expensive than other suppliers. (you can also get from Amazon and many other suppliers).

 you can select Art and have it sent to me without paying shipping charges and you would pick up at Legacy. ( or arrange to pick up from me during off season).  You will simply select send to Art at Legacy in the drop down box.)

List for NEW REFEREES: After getting certified and obtaining uniforms ( and kc ref has starter kits or you can purchase separately on amazon-watch from walmart), fill out and submit payroll forms so you will be able to get paid!   Then go to website-review all referee tabs so you will know expectations.  Do need an alternate color starting out, but if you continue to ref-purchase green as your second jersey (rule of thumb is if you get re-certified you should have an alternate).

  1. Referee availability tab-sign up for appropriate dates by Sunday at 8PM-It is okay to sign up later, but I begin with those already signed up! if you sign up after schedule is complete you may be added to unfilled games, turnbacks or bench -Most Sundays are for experienced referees only-exception is make up Sundays listed on the calendar when games getting cancelled for weather
  2. Referee information page-check calendar for game sign up and other time sensitive notes.
  3. Referee information page-sign up for SI Play-this is used for group emails
  4. Referee information page-go through ref orientation slideshow-pay particular attention to schedule posting and confirmation.
  5. Referee information page-Review preseason notes
  6. Referee information page-sign up for SIPlay to receive emails from me.
  7. Thursday-go to referee schedule; check schedule; confirm number of games scheduled and any bench time by email or text (best to use filter option and pull up your name to give you individual list of your games)
  8. Referee information tab-review division specific rules for age group assigned and referee procedures for age group assigned
  9. Saturday-check in 30 minutes prior to game time at west concession stand in the office on the left side of building by Field # 10. Ensure you have proper gear including plenty of water. Dress for weather (sunscreen if hot; gloves, hat, pants (preferably black) and layers under referee jersey if cold
  10. Check out after game turning in game cards and/or letting Art know how games went
  11. If payroll paperwork has not been turned in, must bring it to game. It has to be turned into an independent accountant that processes payment for games. Go to payroll tab to find forms

New_Ref_Orientation-Fall 2019

(updated Fall 2019 orientation will be posted soon)

All referees need to create an account in the SLS registration system for easy communication BY EMAIL

Please use the link below to create a referee account at SI Play

  • If you or your parent already has an account in SI Play you do not need to create a new account.
  • After the account is created, click the “register” button on the right side of the screen
  • Scroll down to “2016/2017 Referee Registration” and register as a referee.
  • Answer the questions and the session will be added to the “cart” for checkout. Complete checkout.
  • For referees this will only be used as a email platform not for scheduling.

Important: Any dismissal of coach player or parent should be followed by turning in info on the following ejection form -you may just email info. It should be sent to Art and Anthony Gardner.  We will forward to the appropriate vice president for their information and discipline follow up:

 Dismissal Report

Sporting Lee’s Summit Referee Procedures for Recreational games

Recreational Coach Expectations and Laws (Rules) of the Game

Sporting Lee’s Summit Winter Indoor Rules