Partnership between Sporting LS and the Heartland League

Heartland Soccer Association is one of the largest competitive youth soccer leagues in the United States. Having many teams in the Premier League means that we can experience fair competitive brackets at each level of play.

The primary objective of Sporting Lee’s Summit’s Competitive Division is to develop each player to their full potential. The key to player development is placing each player on a team with other players at the same level and providing training that accelerates the progress and improvement of each player.  Our partnership with Heartland Soccer Association is vital to this objective, providing opportunities for fair and rigorous competition at all levels. Most of the age brackets have 10 or more divisions, allowing all teams to face varying teams each season at their current level of play.

For Parents of Recreational players who are interested in Competitive League:

Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. What if we have a U8 team and would like to play in the KC Metro League? – Since there are no U8 and younger divisions in the Premier League at Heartland, Sporting LS competitive teams at the U7/U8 age brackets will be allowed to play through the KC Metro League, in the U8 division.  The team would need to register to play their home games through one of the KC Metro League clubs.
    2. How does a player register to play in the competitive league? Registration for competitive league play is done BY TEAM only.  The coach or team manager collects all the individual player paperwork and fees required for teams in the competitive division.   Players interested in joining a competitive team must attend TRYOUTS in the first two weeks of June.
    3. How does a player know what division to try out for? Competitive Age Division will be determined by BIRTH YEAR, according to US Soccer Age Matrix. For example, For Fall of 2019, 2008 birth dates will fall into U12 (12 and Under) Division US Soccer Age Matrix
    4. When does competitive team registration take place? The deadline to register with the Heartland League is in June for the fall league and in January for spring league.  Coaches/Team managers may use this to link register your team: and click on the Sporting LS logo.
    5. How do teams know what subdivision of Heartland League is right for their team? Your previous division and record of wins and losses will help determine which division to request.  Other factors will be considered as well.  Contact Kent Randall at with any bracketing questions prior to registration.
    6. How much does the Heartland League Cost per team? 2019/20:  7v7 $805 — 9v9 $910 — 11v11 $1100.

Sporting LS Youth Competitive Teams 2018-2019

    Beginning fall 2016 age division will be determined by the calendar year of the player date of birth. For example, for Fall 2019, players born in 2008 will be in the U12 division (12 and under)

Team Year:Team NameHead CoachContact E-mail
BU10Ubuntu StrikersJennifer
GU15Lady RageRob
GU11SLS HeatRyan
GU09 Div. 1Sharks AcademyMark
GU09 Div. 3Sharks Pre-AcademyMark

Rescheduling Games

Please review the Game Reschedule policies and rules found on the Heartland Soccer Website.