Sporting Spring Classic Tournament

Challenger will team with Sporting Lees Summit to conduct a competitive tournament at Legacy on April 24th and 25th.

There will be no games below u9, so to ref you must be able to AR comfortably since these games will be more intense.  Pay rates are posted on payroll tab and will be paid by Sporting Lees Summit through the normal direct deposit and on pay date listed.  As an added bonus-FOOD IS PROVIDED!

Art Shinabargar will be the assignor and availability will be collected as normal.

Rules/Things to Know:

  • Game cards will be in clear plastic tubs at each field and scored game cards need to be placed immediately in them by the center referee
  • Rules

  • Rain Out Line – 913.204.9004

  • No BUILD OUT line in U9/10
  • Subs
    • Prior to a throw-in by your team or if both teams are waiting to substitute both teams will be allowed to substitute at the same time
    • Prior to a goal kick by either team.
    • After a goal by either team.
    • At half time or the beginning of overtime periods.
    • After an injury, by either team, when the referee stops play.
  • Duration of Games:
    • U9/10 2×25
    • U11/12 2×30
    • U13/16 2×30
    • U17/19 2×35
  • Overtime
    • There will be no overtime periods in pool play or the knock-out stages; pool play games will end as the score is recorded at the end of regulation time.
    • Penalty kicks will be used to decide the outcome of semifinal and final games only;  If a referee shall err and allow a pool play game to go to overtime the official score shall stand as the score at the end of regulation time.
  • Shootout
    • In the event of a tie in semifinal or final games, a FIFA style penalty kick shootout will determine the winner

Sporting LS Rec Tournament Info

The season ending Rec tournament will be May 9th and 10th with games being scheduled from 8am to dark. There will be a full schedule of 3v3 games on Saturday only, but all other ages play both days and there is a need for lots of referees on Sunday.  If weather cancels, games will be played the following weekend May 16th and 17th.