The mission of Sporting Lee’s Summit is to create a positive environment in which ALL players can do what they most enjoy, HAVING FUN.


The primary vision of Sporting Lee’s Summit is to provide our players with soccer programs that teach fundamentals and encourage player development in a fun, supporting environment.


Sporting Lee’s Summit values teamwork, sportsmanship and teaching the importance of integrity. At Sporting LS, we understand that through team activities we are encouraging individuals to perform in group settings, growing self-confidence and creating future leaders that will transcend soccer and help our players in everyday life.

The foundation of Sporting LS is built on trustworthiness, taking responsibility for one’s actions and always showing respect for others. We understand that working with children is an awesome responsibility and our adult members know that they will be seen as role models and must demonstrate great character at ALL times.

Bill of Rights for Young Athletes

  • Right to participate in sports
  • Right to participate at a level commensurate with each child’s maturity and ability
  • Right to have qualified adult leadership
  • Right to play as a child and not as an adult
  • Right to participate in safe and healthy environments
  • Right to proper preparation for participation in sports
  • Right to an equal opportunity to strive for success
  • Right to be treated with dignity
  • Right to have fun in sports