2018  Certification for New Referees:

See state certification process below: This is the session Sportingls hosts; there are other in the Kansas City area that the state will conduct if there are conflicts with this one on July 22 from 9am to 7 pm. go to link below and click on courses-then click on courses, hybrid Grade 8 entry course


Uniforms can be purchased anywhere you choose; one option is officialsports.com which has some less expensive starter kits available.  I would recommend in investing in a superior whistle such as the fox40, since the biggest complaint about new referees is not being able to hear the whistle.  A wristwatch with timer mode is also necessary and can be purchased inexpensively around town such as Walmart.


Venue Contact
Email:   t.gardner2011@comcast.net
Driving Directions
We will be in Room 4. You must finish ALL 19 modules before course date. You will
also need to purchase a whistle and flags before course date . You will be using
them in the field training. You will also need transportation from the classroom session to the field session in the afternoon. It
is only a couple miles from one location to the other at Legacy soccer fields.
20980 – 2018 Hybrid Grade 8 Entry Course – Online and In Class
Date / TimeLocationGrades / Cost / AgeRegisteredInstructor(s)
Hybrid Grade 8 Entry Course Online Intro
Hybrid Grade 8 Entry Course Online Law 01
Hybrid Grade 8 Entry Course Online Law 02
Hybrid Grade 8 Entry Course Online Law 03
Hybrid Grade 8 Entry Course Online Law 04
Hybrid Grade 8 Entry Course Online Law 05
Hybrid Grade 8 Entry Course Online Law 06
Hybrid Grade 8 Entry Course Online Law 07
Hybrid Grade 8 Entry Course Online Law 08
Hybrid Grade 8 Entry Course Online Law 09
Hybrid Grade 8 Entry Course Online Law 10
Hybrid Grade 8 Entry Course Online Law 11
Hybrid Grade 8 Entry Course Online Law 12
Hybrid Grade 8 Entry Course Online Law 13
Hybrid Grade 8 Entry Course Online Law 14
Hybrid Grade 8 Entry Course Online Law 15
Hybrid Grade 8 Entry Course Online Law 16
Hybrid Grade 8 Entry Course Online Law 17
Hybrid Grade 8 Entry Course Online Concussion Awareness
• Sat, Jul 22  9:00am – 3:00pm at Paradise Park
• Sat, Jul 22  3:00pm – 7:00pm at Legacy Soccer Fields
(Must attend ALL sessions)
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District: Western
Official: New, 08*

  * Override Code Required
Min Age: 12
1 of 75
– ANTHONY W GARDNER (Lead Instructor)

Communication-sign up for SI play to get email notifications of schedules posted, availability, open games, cancellations, training sessions, etc.

2017 Spring Preseason Ref Meeting DISCUSSION POINTS:


must check rosters every game! Coach may have roster on phone,  If do not have, it is available at concession stand-have parent go get and check in at halftime.

Team must have game card filled out completely so score can be accurately recorded (4v4 does not keep score, therefore no game cards) must be turned into Art at check in station after totaling score on front and recording on back.

Extra player may be added when a team is behind by 5 goals (even in tournament)-remind coach of option.

know rules and dress appropriately, hustle, and have fun!

Utilize mentors if you have questions.

Utilize field marshals if you have parent/coach issues. walkie talkies in field boxes.






Training:  Recertification- if you did not get recertified and wish to referee contact Anthony Gardner, t.gardner@comcast.net


Step by step instructions:

The first step to re-register is to log in to https://mrdp.gameofficials.net.  You should have received an email with your log in early in June.  If you don’t see it, check your spam folder before seeking log in help.  If you still can’t find it, email MissouriSDI@gmail.com for assistance.

Once you have first logged in, confirmed your personal information, completed your security questions, completed your annual background check if you are 18 or older and clicked “SAVE”, a menu will now appear on the left hand side of your screen when logged in.

2.  Click on CHANGE IDENTITY in order to confirm you are logged in as an “OFFICIAL” in group 1516, the Registration, Learning and Course Management.

3.  Click “Courses” on the left hand side.  Choose Referee Courses.

4. Depending on what grade you were last registered as, you will several type of courses.  If you are a grade 8, choose “2017 USSF Re-registration Grade 8 or Any Emeritus Referee”.

5. This will bring up a list of current Clinics with dates, Host and Location.  Select a clinic that you wish to attend.  Once you have signed up for one clinic the system will NOT let you sign up for a different re-registration clinic until or unless you are removed from the clinic roster by the system administrator for your district.

6. Once you select a clinic, click on the “Register for this Course”.  You will then be taken through the payment process.  After that is done, the “Load Session Tracker” button will appear.  Click on that button.

7.  The three sessions will now appear.  All 3 must be successfully completed before your registration requirements are met.  Session 1 is the online exam.  Session 2 is the Law Change module for 2016.  Session 3 is the Concussion Awareness.  As you complete these prerequisites, your scores will appear on the clinic roster so your instructor know what you have completed.

8. On the date of the clinic you signed up for, you must attend in person from the beginning to the completion of the 3 hours clinic.  Provided you completed all online requirements, your instructor will give you your new badge at the end of the clinic.



Email the Sporting Lee’s Summit Referee Assignor if you have questions about becoming a referee.

Once certified contact assignor and check this site for next steps to becoming a referee at Sporting Lee’s Summit

There will be other clinics in the Metropolitan area over the winter; please check mysa.org for clinic schedule