2018 recert step by step instructions


NOVEMBER 18 10 am to 1 PM & DECEMBER 9.  Both hosted by Sporting Lee’s Summit at Paradise Park/  Must attend to get 2018 badge to be eligible to referee next calendar year, unless you already have your 2018 badge by attending this summers entry level certification class.

There are also two scheduled in Independence.

go to mrdp.gameofficials.net under courses, then 2018 USSF re-registration Grade 8 for more info and to sign up.

Contact Art if you need assistance- or have questions/


Communication-sign up for SI play to get email notifications of schedules posted, availability, open games, cancellations, training sessions, etc.

2017 Fall Preseason Meeting:


Recertification-throughout the fall, need to attend to get 2018 badge.  First one August 14 in Independence.  If you have your badge from attending clinic this fall you will not need to attend.

Review Website-ref information (calendar), schedules, availability, training, payroll , Heartland League

SI Play for emails-please sign up if you have not

availability-integrity-it is very inappropriate to turn in overlapping availability to two different venues, contact immediate if availability changes-do not wait for schedules to come out, please confirm acceptance of games, communicate tardiness by text to Art-arrival for check in should be 30 minutes before first game.

games-pregame, know name of your fellow ref, know field number of games, know division specific rules, call Art if other ref is not there 5 minutes before game

checking out-well/better, field issues, misunderstandings, rule clarifications, parent/coach issues

Utilize mentors if you have questions.

Utilize field marshals if you have parent/coach issues. walkie talkies in field boxes.

Board of directors-

  • safety of referees and spectators-10 yards back of field, on sideline parents and coaches must be behind second line, do not extend beyond the goal area; coaches on their half the field and within the same area, behind the second line-never on field.
  • Game cards-turn in when checking out, must be on card stock-no paper accepted, top filled out correctly and completely so scores can more easily be recorded. Total goals on front and write on back-coaches sign. Staple together when turning in.
  • No warming up in goal areas-signs posted-any complaints talk to division rep.
  • Rosters must be provided for check in by all teams-phone photo may be used-if they do not have, they may be obtained from concession stand field marshal and checked in at half time if not enough time.
  • Extra player added when a team is 5 goals ahead if trailing coach wishes to
  • No sliding in rec games; restart is indirect kick
  • Intentional Heading is not allowed in rec for grades 5/6 and below, restart is indirect kick

Update on changes.

The board voted to approve some minor changes to 1st grade and below as part of a transition plan to add progression from pre-K through 2nd grade.  The changes are…

* Eliminate aggressive and non-aggressive sides starting at first grade to avoid discouraging kids.  Instead, move to two equal games.
* Coaches provide 2 game cards for the match (one for each field) starting at first grade.  No players can play on both fields during the match, so each player should be on only one game card.
* Introduce a no-touch box around the goal at first grade.  Players can move through the box, but cannot touch the ball in the box.  Offensive player touch will result in a goal kick.  Defensive player touch will result in a goal.  If the ball stops in the box, restart will be with a goal kick regardless of the last team to touch the ball.
* On restarts, the defensive team must be on their half.
* No coaches on the field starting in first grade.  Coaches should be discouraged from being on the field starting in Kindergarten (especially in the spring).
* Continue to run a tournament starting at first grade with both fields playing concurrently (same as during the season).  Instead of a possible 10 points per match, there will be a possible 20 points per match (10 points per game).
* Move pre-K and K to 3v3.  The intent of the US soccer recommendation was more touches on the ball.  3v3 provides more touches on the ball and a natural progression to 4v4 at first grade.