preseason referee meeting for all Legacy field referees:

Monday August 20, new referees 6:00 PM to 8:30.  Returning referees 6:45 pm to 8:30.


2019 recertification for existing referees:

First opportunity-July 24th-independence

New Referee Training Clinic sign up:

July 21, 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM

More information on referee training tab.



challenger tournament rules:

Fall 2018 Calendar:

August 25 opening Saturday rec soccer

September 1 no rec games

September 8 game 2 for rec

September 15 game 3 rec

September 22 game 4 rec

September 28,29,30 CHALLENGER competitive tournament (U9 and above games)

October 6 game 5 rec

October 13 game 6 rec

October 20 game 7 rec

October 27 and 28, Season ending Rec tournament


NEW REFEREES: After getting certified and obtaining uniforms, go to website-review all referee tabs

  1. Referee availability tab-sign up for appropriate dates by Sunday at 8PM-if you sign up late you may be added to unfilled games or bench (dates in bold are competitive games only and requires a heartland referee number and appropriate experience)
  2. Referee information page-check calendar for game sign up
  3. Referee information page-sign up for SI Play-this is used for group emails
  4. Referee information page-go through ref orientation slideshow-pay particular attention to schedule posting and confirmation.
  5. Thursday-go to referee schedule; password sportingref and check schedule; confirm number of games scheduled and any bench time by email or text
  6. Referee information tab-review division specific rules for age group assigned and referee procedures for age group assigned
  7. Saturday-check in 30 minutes prior to game time at west concession stand in the office on the left side of building by Field # 10
  8. Check out after game turning in game cards and/or letting Art know how games went
  9. If payroll paperwork has not been turned in, must bring it to game and let Art know by email to expect it. It has to be turned into an independent accountant that processs payment for games.
  10. Once experience is appropriate go to Heartland tab and complete Heartland payroll paperwork to get a referee number so you potentially can get assigned competitive games by me at Legacy
 New_Ref_Orientation (updated 1-2018)

All referees need to create an account in the SLS registration system for easy communication BY EMAIL

Please use the link below to create a referee account at SI Play

  • If you or your parent already has an account in SI Play you do not need to create a new account.
  • After the account is created, click the “register” button on the right side of the screen
  • Scroll down to “2016/2017 Referee Registration” and register as a referee.
  • Answer the questions and the session will be added to the “cart” for checkout. Complete checkout.
  • For referees this will only be used as a email platform not for scheduling.

Important: Any dismissal of coach player or parent should be followed by turning in info on the following ejection form -you may just email info. It should be sent to art and anthony gardner.  We will forward to the appropriate vice president for their information and discipline follow up:

 dismissal report



New Referees should read the following info about Sporting Lee’s Summit

New_Ref_Orientation update 1-2018

Division Specific Rules_Recreational F2018-S2019


Recreational Coach Expectations and Laws (Rules) of the Game

 Sporting Lee’s Summit Referee Procedures (old-will be updated late February)

Click below to read the referee procedures.

Sporting Lee’s Summit Winter Indoor Rules