Costs vary by team, determined by the Leagues, Events and Training Activities scheduled, and their associated costs, listed here:

League Registration: If the team plays in Heartland Premier League, the cost is $795-$995 per team per season. MRL is $550-$650. Typically, the cost per player is the team registration fee divided by the number of players on the team.

Camps/Clinics/Sports Performance: If the team signs up for an additional training session or activity the team pays for that service. For example, an additional Boost session for speed and agility training is $100 per hour for up to 16 players.

Indoor/Outdoor Practice Fields: If the team utilizes a field that isn’t located at a designated site, i.e., local school or park, field rental fees apply. For example, Swope Park field rental is $85 per hour.

Uniforms: All teams wear Academy Uniform, ranging from $170 to $275. Navy and Red are the primary colors, White jerseys may be required as well for certain teams.

Coaching Fees: All Academy Coaches are compensated.  The coaching fees charged for Sporting Lee’s Summit Academy players will be  $55-$70 per player per month.

High School Age players pay coaching fees for 7 months per year, and all younger age groups pay for 10 months of training. 

  • Teams with A or B Licensed Coach – coaching fee is $70 per month
  • Teams with C, D E or F License Coach – coaching fee is $55 to $65 per month

Club Fees: Every Competitive and Academy player must pay $150 per year club fee, due upon signing

Carding Fee:  Primary card fee included in club fee. Secondary player card fee is $10.

Other Fees: For traveling teams, there may be a per diem for Coach expenses on trip.

Note: These fees may fluctuate depending on the number of practices each week, specialized sessions such as speed and agility, or additional seasons (futsal, indoor, etc.) Additional field rental fees may be incurred. Coaches must disclose their intentions for all “Other Fees” prior to the try-outs.