Academy Program:

  • U15 teams and above (High School age) will be on a 7 month program so the players can participate in High School Soccer Seasons.
  • Boys Academy Program runs  Nov 1 – May 31;             Girls Academy Program runs  –  Aug 1 – Feb 28
    U15 players still in 8th grade will be placed in the Academy’s 10 month program.
  • U14 teams and below will be on a 10 month program. Aug 1 – May 31.
  • Players will be evaluated and placed on the appropriate Academy team, according to the tiered system.
  • Program focus is on individual player development in all areas of play and sportsmanship.
  • Academy players are asked to attend as many Academy events as possible.
  • There will be special training camps for both the players and coaches’ staff.
  • The teams will practice 2 times a week and may drop to 1 practice a week during the winter.
  • These teams will play through the Heartland League (except U7/U8) or MRL league.
  • The home base for the Academy program will be Z’s place in Greenwood.
  • Players that make Academy teams will be allowed to dual card ONLY with other Sporting Lee’s Summit teams.
Academy Player Benefits Include:
  • Admittance to Z’s indoor fields during any “Open Play” time periods at NO COST
  • 2 Academy Camps per year (2 hour camps)
  • 1 free ticket per game for two home games of Swope Park Rangers
  • Sporting KC All Star Weekend – with other Academy Affiliate Players
  • Sporting LS All Star Weekend – with other Sporting LS Teams
  • Annual college Experience Event – for parents and players to explore pathway to college scholarships